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Almost everyone has heard of eBay.  Perhaps you have brought a few things from there yourself.  But have you considered it as a channel through which to earn a living?  eBay is almost the ideal work-from-home opportunity as registering as a seller is free and the running costs are low. Also you can start off slow selling just a few odd spare items from around your house while you “learn the ropes” and find a particular niche product you can specialise on and develop into a business.

However, first things first: If you are thinking of earning a bit of spare cash by selling things on eBay then there are two fundamental steps you need to take:  Firstly you need to open an eBay account, and secondly you need to open a PayPal account. It is quite probable that you already have both of these accounts but if not I suggest opening them straight away as both an eBay and PayPal account are free to open and you need both of these accounts up and running before you can go any further.

You can apply for an account with eBay UK by clicking
HERE, or, if you live in the USA, you can open an account with by clicking HERE.  However once you have opened your eBay account you need to also apply for an eBay "Sellers Account" (click HERE to view the eBay help page on how to do this).

You can open an account with PayPal by clicking
HERE.  Note that PayPal offer three types of account: "Personal Account", "Premier Account" and "Business Account". The default is to open a "Personal Account" but this is intended for shopping and buying things; if you want to sell things and accept payments by Credit Cards then you must open either a "Premier" or "Business" account.  Almost everyone will pay you for your items by Credit Card so you really do need to select either a "Premier" (if selling privately) or "Business" (if selling items as a business) account.

Once you have your eBay Seller Account up and running it is worth taking a look at eBay’s own on-line guide to selling items and perhaps having another look at eBay’s own suggestions of items around your house you may be able to sell.

Where to purchase items at wholesale prices to sell on eBay
If you are considering selling items on
eBay for a living one big problem you will face is finding where you can obtain products at a low enough price to sell for profit on eBay. Two excellent sources of wholesale products we would recommend are Wholesale Pages and SaleHoo:

Wholesale Suppliers Directory
SaleHoo Wholesale Directory

However Jewelry Deals and Wholesale Portal are also worth a look. To help you decide what products to purchase you can discover what the most searched for items on eBay are by clicking HERE.

There are two other products we would recommend to help your sales: Garage Sale Strategies and The Silent Sales Machine.


Selling eBooks on eBay
eBooks (books in electronic format which you read on your computer - not printed on paper) are very popular items to sell on eBay. Visit the
EBOOKS page of our website for more details about this.  Don’t forget that there are many products (such as MyDigitalDispatch) which allow you to automate the selling of eBooks and, if you feel able to write your own eBook, rather than purchasing them for resale (for example from The eBook Download Shop), then there are products such as Activ-Ebook which you can use to convert your text into an eBook ready for sale.


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